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Video marketing is a form of online marketing that involves presenting public relations, marketing and sales messages on the website itself or on other websites.

Ideas to create videos that truly conquer your audience

Be educational

It is clear that your main brand objective is not to educate (unless you have an academy and, in any case, it would be to sell specific courses or training).

However, saying in a video -or in any other medium- that you are the best and constantly talking about yourself, will not make you sell more or better.

When talking about an educational video format, reference is made to useful educational material for the audience.

Answer basic questions from your audience

Not all sectors have the same easy generation of educational content.

That is why, on certain occasions, you can take ideas from the questions that your audience can ask you on the web, on the blog, that they send you by mail or even search in forums in the same field.

Create reviews

Above all, in the case of products and services that due to their characteristics, the public wants to know in depth regarding operation, performance and other specifications.

If in your sector it is usual to work with this type of objects or they are exactly what you sell, it could be a great idea to develop to obtain an audiovisual piece with many possibilities.

Generate advanced content to capture specific leads

Especially if it is your first video marketing campaign, creating video content dealing with a basic topic can give rise to raising many questions to solve, given that there is a greater number of audiences who do not know it well than if the topic is specialized.

However, if you do just the opposite, that is, in the example of the decoration studio, you thoroughly explain a work day showing specific tools and how they are used, you could hit the nail on the head of leads from architectural studios (for example) and require very specialized services.

Share stories you fall in love with

Another solution to get out of the creative block that involves facing the camera is to bet on emotion.

Show behind the scenes

Although in this case it is an idea for the generation of video that is usually linked to feelings and emotions, it is usually a format that connects well with the general public and that could be interesting, if indeed in that behind the cameras have a story to tell and youtube views.

Ask questions that no one had asked and their answers

It is a brainstorming proposal for ideas for audiovisual creation that starts from a concept similar to that of point 2, but in this case, it requires going much further.

It is not about taking the question from the audience, but rather generating new questions related to your field of activity that no one has asked before and that are interesting and captivating.

Break myths in your sector

In almost all activities there are myths.

Betting on breaking them is a proposal with which you can surprise the public.

Of course, look for data, present it, generate your interest and let them draw the conclusions.



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